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Dokugan Ryu

He is Jack`s opposite in the series Young Samurai. He only has one eye, and his name is Japanese for Dragon Eye.

By HolyDemon


i felt bad for whom did not get it so buy at auction!

By HolyDemon


i am nocternal. i like blood. plz send me blood at 3531 east. quagmire st.
phoenix AZ.2257

By HolyDemon


My RP character. Info on my profile.

By HolyDemon


Quiet yet beautiful werewolf.She's the Omega of the pack and is just waiting for a prince charming to whisk her away into a world of happiness.

By HolyDemon


He is my rp character when he's super angry,he's full of hatred and wants to kill evrything in his path,no matter friend,family,evrybody,he's a dark person inside Biz,he only let's him out if he wants him to or a friend is in danger.

By HolyDemon

Handsome Vamp Guy

:D Cool?

By HolyDemon


This is me, besides for the suit and the colors of the glasses and fedora. (MY fedoras are black on black and black on gray)

By HolyDemon

Me (Jacob)

Fedora fail. Wanted it black where the yellow is.

By HolyDemon



By HolyDemon
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